The Life Not My Own

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Soon to Be Home...

So, I know a lot of people have been asking about the house that Andy have picked to rent.  Mountain View is a teeny little town, so the number of rentals available at one time is pretty rare.  Andy had been keeping his eyes open, just to get a feel for rental pricing and everything.  In October I was out there visiting for the weekend and we were in Mountain View for the Cartwright family reunion.  Andy and I were driving back from the ironworks to his family's rental "man cave" when I saw a sign that said "For Rent".  It pointed up a little road that went up a hill.  It seemed so inviting and intriguing.  I asked Andy about it and he said the sign was new.  Anyway, to make a long story short, Andy checked it out and it turned out to be the perfect place for us. So, Andy decided to go ahead and start renting it, even though we wouldn't be living there.  We didn't want to pass up the deal!

I've only seen our little home a total of two times, and both of those were very briefly.  Since the last time, in January, Andy has diligently been fixing it up and preparing it for his new bride.  He's even building me raised flower beds for a garden, since he knew that was my dream.  What a darling. :)

So, here it is...our own little house by the creek (it really is by a creek)!  These pictures are from Thanksgiving.  I have better pictures from the second visit, but they are sadly not on this computer.  So, I'll just have to post more later!

I just had to start with a picture of this beautiful little sign holder that Andy made for me!  I love suflowers...and he knows it.

This next is actually one that Kevin Thomas took, I believe, shortly after Andy started renting it. 

This one is Kevin's too.  This is our front yard.  This picture doesn't show it, but there's even a magnolia tree right outside our window!

Here is our cute little kitchen.  There's now a washer and dryer in there (which I have yet to see), and a few more kitchen things.  Doesn't it have such wonderful potential?

And the cutest little kitchen window...Andy's going to put bird feeders outside it for me. :)

The living room.  Sorry it isn't a great picture.

Guest room

Awesome weight machine that takes up the whole "man room".  Love it!

And the bathroom...

So, there's still more pics to put up, but it's a start anyway.  Everything was already looking really different in January, and I'm sure it's really different now with all Andy's work.  I can't wait to turn it into our own little home!



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Summer Approaching

It is finally starting to warm up a bit here in Flagstaff.  There are still huge piles of snow, but they are melting quickly into lovely little piles of gravel, and streams are springing up everywhere.  The days are sunny and one can finally go with just a sweater.  Summer is coming, and I can't wait.

This year, summer means so very much.  In less than two months, on a warm, sunny day in May (crosses fingers here), I will marry the man of my dreams, and my very best friend.  I will leave this place that has been my home for so long, and my wonderful family, and move somewhere completely different.  In Arkansas, there will be this amazing thing called humidity.  In Flagstaff, this strange wonder does not exist.  In Flagstaff my hair is fairly straight, and easily ruled in.  I don't really worry about it.  In Arkansas, something very strange happens to my hair.  It turns into something resembling a large ball of fuzz. 8O Unfortunately, my hair doesn't get much just gets shockingly big.  Don't get me wrong...humidity does have its benefits.  I probably will never have to deal with skin so dry and cracked that it starts to bleed again.  Or feel the very life get sucked out of my bones as the crazy wind snatches up the last remnant of moisture in my body.  Yes, humidity is starting to look very good...once I figure out what to do with my new fro. :)

In all seriousness, though, so many good things await me in Arkansas.  Married life with my wonderful Andy. Getting to be the keeper of my very own home.  No more icky school and the stress that it brings.  Enjoying warm days beside my soulmate.  Aww, yes, it sounds like the life.  Summer sounds so good right now.

And so each morning as I wake up and find the sun coming up a little bit earlier, I am filled with hope.  Each time I actually begin to feel warm outside, my heart is warmed too.  I am in the midst of changing so many ways.