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Monday, May 3, 2010

Is it Spring Already???

Today is a beautiful day.  It's in the high 60s, there's a slight breeze, and not a cloud in sight.  I walked from the library in Flagstaff down to the post office just soaking in the sun and the warmth. 

Wanna know something shocking?  Yesterday it was snowing.  No joke.  And it actually stayed on the ground for a little while.  I keep hoping that spring has finally sprung but, hey, it's Flagstaff.  There's kind of a blurring of the seasons here.

Some of the trees are finally starting to bloom, and the tulips are out as well.  I think the poor plants are as confused as we are.  While all you people from other places talk about your seeds sprouting, we have to wait another month for the freezes to end.  No wonder nothing grows in Flagstaff.

Well, actually, I take that back.  On Saturday my mom and I went to a seminar at a local garden store about what edible plants you can grow in Flag.  We were shocked to find that we'd been planting the wrong things for 12 years!  This year we will be planting asparagus, and tomatillos, and garlic, and things that actually grow here.  Of course, as soon as I find this out, I move.  Oh well.  Here's to finding out what you can grow in Arkansas, although I have a suspicion that, after living in Flagstaff, I can grow anything. :)  


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