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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I've Learned Since Getting Married

1.) I was not the one to splash water on the mirrors when I lived with my parents.  I rarely ever have to clean Andy's and my bathroom mirrors!

2.) Never, ever try to use buttermilk to make sausage gravy.  Even if you are out of regular milk.

3.) Never add sugar to try to make said gravy better.

4.) It is possible to put an even number of socks in the wash and come out with an uneven number.  It happens even when it's just my socks!

5.) Don't try to fool your husband by replacing pork sausage with turkey sausage.  He will always know.

6.) It takes a long time for your husband to be honest with you.  You know that sweater that you love?  A year into marriage you just might find out that he thinks it looks like a granny sweater.

7.) Nice homeschooled boys don't really want to marry girls that dress like grandmas.

8.) Pulling the quilt of the bed the "wrong" way really bothers me.

9.) "Top Gear" is a really interesting show.

10.) The best part of disagreements is the making up. :) (Thank you Bill Cosby, for enlightening us on that issue!)


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