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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter is Here

It seems like winter really is here.  It’s been chilly the past few days!  Thankfully, though, we’ve had some sun with all the cold.  I’ve decided that I really don’t mind the chilly air…as long as the sun is out!

Yesterday I was out in a long-sleeve t-shirt digging up garden beds and planting bulbs (that I never got to).  It was cold, but oh-so-good for the soul.  I needed to be out in the sun…even if it didn’t warm my skin.

Really, though, once I got over missing the leaves on the tree I’ve really been enjoying this transition into winter.  The mornings are so beautiful and frosty.  I look out our back window to see frost on the ground, and in the field behind us.  And beyond the field the bluffs are suddenly visible between the trees.  It’s beautiful. 

In other news, I’m really excited about it being the Christmas season.  I’ve been browsing the Christmas section at Walmart since October.  Seriously.

Although we don’t have our Christmas decorations up yet, we’ve been blasting Christmas music, breaking out the hot chocolate, and feeling altogether in a Christmas-ey mood. 

No, we may not have snow, but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. :)


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